Are you being productive right now?
Let's fix that. First, are you on Facebook right now?
No? Ok, good. Are you glued to something else on your phone?
Ok. What's the distraction then?
Ok, that's easy enough to fix. Scroll to the next post that sucks, unfriend the person, then go put your phone on the charger.
Done? Great. Ready to get back to work?
Shit, you're still scrolling through Facebook? And you clicked on a link about Donald Trump. You might have to take the dog for a walk or something.
Ok. Here are some head clearing ideas:
-30 Rock on Prime Video
-Grab a magazine and read a feature or two
-Writing prompt: what do you want to accomplish, how do you want to feel once you are productive?
All right, all right, keep going!
Awesome, enjoy!
Ok. If it's that Patterned game, finish the next board and then put it away (I get it — that one's pretty good).
If it's something else, is it really worth it? Is it worth the feeling while you're falling asleep that you just pissed away free time that you don't get that often?
That's easy. Quit watching reruns and get back to work!
Sleep when you're dead! Just kidding. But you always feel more energized — or, at least, justifiably tired — after you've worked on something. Try getting something done and see if it recharges you at all.
There's gotta be something on your to do list that you can do in 20 minutes. Go check it off.
Cool. Go knock it out of the park.
Uh, ok. Hopefully this Pandora station will help?
Don't forget poop bags!
Oy, is that still not working? This is worse than I thought. Ok, if you can, get in the car and try working somewhere else (library, coffee shop, etc). If you can't, go do something else around the house: laundry, dishes, clean up the bedroom, etc. Be productive in other ways (even if you listen to a podcast or watch a Netflix show) until you can reset and concentrate again.